The mission of Deepak and Neera Raj Center on Indian Economic Policies is to promote economic prosperity in India, by improving understanding of the Indian economy through research undertaken by leading scholars, by disseminating this knowledge to practitioners, policymakers, students and scholars worldwide and by sustaining ongoing dialogues on major policy issues facing India. The Center’s research will also include comparative analysis of the experience of India and the United States in policy-relevant areas such as climate change and federalism, so as to provide scholarly support for multilateral and bilateral (US-India) initiatives.

Ongoing Activities

The primary focus of the center will be to develop a deeper understanding of the Indian economy through analytical research and to disseminate this knowledge widely. It will do so by drawing upon the expertise of scholars within Columbia University and members of the broader academic and policy community with interests in India and in research areas of relevance to the Indian economy.

Research Programs

In the inaugural year, it is expected that several research programs will be initiated, on the following topics (tentative):

  1. The political-economy of center-state relations and decentralization as a development strategy in India 
  2. The use and impact of executive “ordinance” strategies in India in achieving policy reform and the parallels with policy process (involving the use of “executive” orders) here in the US 
  3. The use of technology to more rapidly achieve social goals, especially, education 
  4. India’s policy stance in the climate change negotiations and India’s energy policy. 

Research papers on these proposed topics will be commissioned by the center, drawing on faculty at Columbia whose work relates to the proposed projects and also qualified outside experts, as relevant. It is expected that these projects will involve research opportunities for students in the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and at Columbia University, more generally.


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