Data Sets

1. Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOPSI)

MOPSI has the jurisdiction over much of the official data collected on a regular basis by the Government of India.  The Ministry has two wings: the National Statistical Office (NSO) and the other Program Implementation. The NSO has the overall responsibility for data and consists of: The CSO is the source of National Accounts Statistics, Industrial statistics consisting of the Economic census, Annual Survey of Industries and Index of Industrial Production IIP) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Wholesale Price Index (WPI)
Founded as the NSS in 1950, the NSSO undertakes extensive unit-level surveys (individuals, households and firms) and is perhaps the single most important source of data on the Indian economy for researchers.  Its consumer expenditure surveys have been conducted regularly since the early 1950s.  An up-to-date list (as of September 20 2010) of unit-level NSS data along with prices applicable to different types of users available here.
The Computer Center has the responsibility to store and disseminate NSSO, ASI and Economic census data.  It has recently created the National Data Warehouse of official Statistics.  This is an important facility for researchers, policy analysts and serious economic journalists.  The warehouse allows remote access to several unit-level data sets to “registered users of the Ministry.” It is not clear if this means that at present only those working for MOPSI have access to this facility.

2. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

The RBI has an extensive and user friendly website.  For time-series statistics on a number of economy-wide and state level variables its annual Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy is an excellent source.  Additional data are available from its data warehouse.  Also useful is its link to current statistics.

3. Census of India

India has conducted a census every 10 years since 1872.  The Census of India has an extensive website with a wealth of data.  Users can register at no charge and gain access to extensive data on population, economic activities, migration and socio-cultural characteristics of the people.

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