Rebecca McGilveray

Rebecca McGilveray is the Administrative Coordinator for the Oral History Master’s Program (OHMA). Rebecca holds a Master’s degree in Oral History from Columbia University (2018). A native of Glasgow, Scotland, she has been working at INCITE since January 2019. Rebecca’s current duties at INCITE include working as a Research Assistant on the Mott Haven Oral History Project, Editor of the podcast “Transforming India” produced by the Deepak and Neera Raj Center on Indian Economic Policies and managing INCITE’s equipment and library. 

Rebecca earned her BA from the University of Strathclyde in History. Her undergraduate dissertation, ‘The Bucky Made Me Do It’: Exploring Glasgow’s relationship with Buckfast and its Impact on Crime, Deindustrialisation and the Glasgow Effect’ was the first step on the road to what became her Master's capstone project. Her film, “I Belong to Glasgow” is an exploration of the intersectionalities between the loss of a place and the loss of a person. Her research interests include oral histories of gentrification and displacement, transitional justice in Northern Ireland and the impact of deindustrialisation on Scotland.

Rebecca is looking forward to continuing to work closely with the OHMA program that brought her to New York and has opened her up to new and exciting opportunities. Outside of work, you will find her anywhere in New York where there is good coffee and avocado toast, biking through Riverside Park or seeing a Broadway show.